I finished the Honor Flight scene and after several weeks of polling it was decided to put a dusting of snow on it. Snow is almost always a 50-50 thing with me. That’s why we had a poll. And apparently it’s pretty much a 50-50 thing around the world too. After many hundreds of votes the results were 51 percent for snow, 49 percent against.

In any case, Jim McLaughlin, the Chairman of the Board of the Honor Flight Network, preferred snow. So there you have it. Snow.

Honestly, I’m frequently reluctant to put snow on a scene. On the one hand I really like it because I think it adds some interesting highlights to the landscape. But on the other hand I always go to a lot of effort to weather buildings, trains, etc. and I regret covering that weathered look.

But in this case I think it was the right call. In fact, my original intention was to put a dusting of snow on this scene to signify how the World War II veterans are in the winter of their lives, so to speak. So it seems appropriate.

The scene will be delivered to the Honor Flight headquarters in Springfield, Ohio next week.

For a look at the scene log on www.modelRRscenery.com.